In My Life.... At Home Again

As usual, I have some instagram photos from our trip home to share with you. And I have quite a few this time……

The day we left, I packed while listening to some She&Him. And then we enjoyed a lovely 8 hour evening drive back to Buffalo. 

This is how we party in the country :) 

Just some randoms:

Me and my Kiki

a random photo of the Peace Bridge while driving through Buffalo

my favorite John & Mary’s sub for dinner

and a baby eating a cupcake. 

We spent a day at Niagara Falls with my oldest friend Amanda and her boyfriend, Daniel. There was some mini golf and laser tag involved. Just sayin. And then we spent 1 1/2 hours in the immigration office at the border for a missing stamp on a certain Dutch man’s papers :)

(p.s - Snape waz here)

Haha, I guess we have a difference in opinion.