Its my b-earth-day

worn on April 22nd, 2011

Hey- Its my birthday! Woot Woot! I accept gifts in the form of shoes and money :)

Anywho, it was a pretty laid back birthday. We did view our first venue for the wedding (and booked it!!!!! yay!). Next on the list was lunch with my momma and Boo, visiting some family, and then my momma made me the dinner of my choice - tacos. Of course. I love tacos. Now… just relaxing and watching the Sabres game (duh). Simple, but I like it. 

Oh, and happy Earth day!

P.S - it was sooooo cold when we took these pictures. Can you tell?:

tee and tights: Urban Outfitters

cardigan: JCrew

skirt: made by me

belt: H&M

flats: Chanel