Its My (Blogs) Birthday!

worn on June 26th, 2011

Its a birthday! Woo hoo! Last year, on July 1st, I started this blog. Granted, for the first few months, I used for what most people use their tumblogs for- reblogging and posting pretty pictures. But then I came across a few of my first style blogs, and it was love at first sight. And now we are here today!

Las weekend, Boo and I took a little trip to the North End. We got some treats at Mike’s Pastry (of course) and then sat for a good long while by the water, staring out at some of the boats. It was such a gorgeous, relaxing day!

P.S - this post might be a bit of a photo overload, but its my (blogs) birthday, and I’ll do what I want to :)

P.P.S - come back in just a couple of hours - I have a little surprise!!

dress: Untied Colors of Benneton

heels: Seychelles