Just a Few Photos

I don’t have a Wedding Wednesday post ready for today, so instead I’ll share a few recent instagram photos:

(L) Sally Hansen leopard nail effects. They really are as awesome as everyone says. And easy.   (R) new bows that will be added to shop today or tomorrow.  

Started Harry Potter series again! A lot of our evening have been sitting on the porch with yummy drinks and our books. I realized I might not make it through the entire series in  month and a half, so I think I might skip books 2 and 3. It kills me, but if I wanna get through book 7 before the movie, it’ll have to bee done. 

(L) random lamb statue in the park. He likes hugs.    (R) My sister sent us the box set of Six Feet Under. Just what we need - another tv series to get sucked into. We’ve exhausted our Friends, HIMYM, Lost, and Dexter dvds, so its about time we get hooked on another. 

A few shots from Memorial Day in Minute Man National Park (L) Captain William Smith House     (R) Boo (and our picnic bag) walking the Battle Road trail.