My Orchestra Skirt

January 11th, 2011

sweater: Gap, scarf: H&M, skirt: uuuuh… ? , flats: Target, ring: Gift from my Momma

Worn For: I’ve finally got my butt in gear and started working on some new projects. So today was spent sewing and pattern making. Soon, I’ll have new stuff up in my etsy shop, as well as a some Project ReStyle items. Buuuut, I figured I should get around to doing another outfit post, so I took a break, grabbed my tripod, and headed to the park again. 

Funny story about this skirt. Well, not really. But it is to me. I mentioned a few posts ago about how I went through some old clothes that were in storage while I was home. Thats where this skirt came from. It was my orchestra concert skirt from high school (yeeeeah, I said orchestra. I played the viola. I was sooo cool). In high school, I hated wearing this thing. I despised it. I though it was the ugliest thing in my closet. But when I pulled it out of that box a few weeks ago I was so happy! Now, I love it - I want to wear it with everything. Funny.