Old Friends and Wedding Talk


worn on August 21st, 2011

On Sunday, Boo and I met up with my BFF forever,  Ashleebear, for breakfast while she was in town (see Ash - I told you I would talk about you!). Ashlee and her boyfriend Gary just got engaged last week - congrats guys! So yeah, the four of us met up and obviously talked wedding planning the entire time. Our weddings are going to be only two months apart! But, yet again I forgot to take pictures. I guess I get so caught up in talking and catching up that I forget I even have my camera on me. My bad. 

Afterwards, Boo and I went into Boston for a lovely, late morning stroll. We live in a gorgeous city. 

IMG_9994 IMG_9988 IMG_0002 IMG_0030

yellow tank: H&M

blue tank: Gap

skirt: H&M

belt: H&M

necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs

sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

bag: THEIT

sandals: Urban Outfitters