One December Weekend


Boo and I had a very eventful Saturday as we headed to Worcester for the day. I’ve been dying to visit Crompton Collective ever since Amy first opened up shop. And it didn’t disappoint! It is officially the cutest place ever. 

After that, Boo and I checked out a few more shops in the area (based on Amy’s recommendations), we chilled out with some hot dogs and hot chocolate while we watched some ice skaters, and then we hit the ice ourselves! Now, I can kinda skate. And by that I mean I can stay on my feet while I flail my arms around in the most ungraceful manner possible. Seriously - no sense of balance or coordination over here.

We then headed back home to finish up our shopping and grab some dinner. The only downside to being out and about all day (and mostly outside)? If I thought I had a cold before, I definitely have a cold now. Drats.









coat: Max Studio

snood: c/o Seams To Be

hat: borrowed from Boo

skirt: Lace Affair

bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors

booties: Target