Our Own Harry Potter Weekend & a DIY

worn on June 4th, 2011

I’ve done this DIY before - here - with some grey trousers. But I had seen an image of denim scalloped shorts awhile back and I’ve been dying to make them. I’ve just been waiting to find a cheap pair of wide legs to do it, because I didn’t want them to be skin tight in the thighs. I found these ones at goodwill, and they fit perfect - so I knew it was time! I love ‘em. Thy just might be my new favorite shorts :)

Its very simple and there are plenty of tutorials out there! All you need is some sort of marker or fabric pencil, scissors, and fray check. And voila! I had these babies done in about a half hour.

Boo and I had a very Harry Potter filled weekend. We watched a few of the movies, read our books, and even made Butterbeer! Delicious.

sweater: Anthropologie

shorts: thrifted Nine West Jeans, reconstructed

shoes: c/o Big Buddhaย 

sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

716 pendent: Metal Pressions

deathly hallows pendent: Madam Poindextra