Photos from home.... again

So I was home again this past weekend for the second time this month. We booked our venue, had our engagement party (and I didn’t take any pictures. whoops), went to the casino for my birthday, and painted my face for the sabres game. For some reason, I’m horrible at taking outfit photos when I’m home. Even though I have all my stuff to do it. Sorry about that. I do have one more, but I haven’t gotten around to editing them yet. But, as last time, heres a few other photos from the weekend:

traveling in style / card games with the family

brother is hilarious during Sabres games / tacos for my birthday dinner!

bunny birthday cake! / scenery at home

heading into Canada for a little birthday gambling / Sass-a-frass checking out my outfit photo session

Sorry I don’t have a cute easter sunday outfit to show you. This is actually what I looked like on sunday. In our neck of the woods, a hockey playoff game trumps most everything.