Repeat Offender : ... Kind Of

IMG_8708 repeat2 copy

worn on November 13th, 2011

To see what this repeat offender thing is all about - read my first post.

To see the first time I wore this - go here.  

This is one of the outfits, that when I decided to start this series, I knew I wanted to wear again. But after searching, it seems that the old skirt is m.i.a. (oh no!). But thats ok. I switched it out for another full, floral skirt, and it works just as well!

Boo and I had a lot of fun with these photos last weekend. It was a perfectly lazy sunday, the weather was gorgeous, and there were leaves everywhere!

IMG_8664 IMG_8715 IMG_8749 Untitled-1 IMG_8785 IMG_8786


skirt: swapped

hat: Urban Outfitters

tights: Anthropologie

boots: Vince Camuto via Macy’s