Shop Update - no. 1


Sooooo I’ve been mentioning a shop update and a bunch of new items for a while now. And after a couple months of jewelry making, I do have a crap ton of items to share. Yes- the proper term is, in fact, a crap ton. This may take a while. 

But before I get into the new items, I thought I would start out by updating shopHollyDolly's existing stock. Where it all started - the bows. The Bow Necklaces (and all necklaces form here on out), are now finished with either sterling silver or gold filled chain and clasps. And the length of the chains are now adjustable. Yippee! The Hair Bows, on the other hand, are exactly the same. But they did get some fancy new product photos :).  And I may even have a few new colors to add soon!


Ok, ok, I can’t help but share ooooone new item this week…….


Introducing the Knot BraceletMultiple strands of suede cord are tied up in a simple knot and finished with a small chunky gold chain and clasp. I’m kinda in love with these, you guys. 

So there we go! I actually just started adding these, but I was too impatient to wait. So I’ll be adding more of the above items throughout the week. And then I will slowly start sharing the new (!!) items starting next week. So stay tuned!

P.S - don’t forget that you can access the shop straight from the blog here at any time! Either click on the widget over on the left sidebar, or go through the shop page from the left banner menu.