Shop Update - no. 2


I have the next batch of shopHollyDolly items ready to go! Introducing : Little Gem and Five

Little Gem is a dainty little necklace featuring a little colored gem and a dropped gold filled chain. Right now, it comes in teal green, orange, and smokey grey. I’m kind of obsessed with this new little necklace! You can see me wearing it here and here

Five is a necklace that features 5 different colored faceted beads. Some have a dropped chain, while others have a tangled web of chain intertwined between the beads. All of these necklaces end up looking different - between the color combos and different chain details. So every one is like a one of a kind! You can see me wearing Five here

Oh yes, and I also updated the tassel necklaces. Check those out, too, in the shop

Stay tuned next week for another batch of new items!

P.S - don’t forget that you can access the shop straight from the blog here at any time! Either click on the widget over on the left sidebar, or go through the shop page from the left banner menu.