Shop Update - no. 3


Time for another shopHollyDolly update, you guys! Up this week - The Mixer and Spool

The Mixer is an eclectic mix of different beads all strung together. They can include hand painted wood beads, pyrite, turquoise, glass beads, and anything I can get my hands on! Each one is different, and therefore one of a kind!

Spool necklaces are really neat, and pull at my little sewing-loving heartstrings. Each is made from a vintage wooden spool, and then wrapped in different color-blocked floss. Perfect for a seamstress or craft-lover! 

Ah yes, and I also added just a couple more hair bows, as well. 

Stay tuned next week for another batch of new items! 

P.S - don’t forget that you can access the shop straight from the blog here at any time! Either click on the widget over on the left sidebar, or go through the shop page from the left banner menu.