St. Lucia, Part Three - The Night Time

I originally told myself that I would limit myself to only two honeymoon posts. But, do you know how hard it is to narrow down 300+ pictures into two short posts? Ridiculously hard. It was hurting my brain trying. 

So I’m not gonna even bother trying to narrow it down. For my own sanity. Instead, the rest of this week is dedicated to honeymoon photos, if you don’t mind. If you do, well, you should probably just step away and come back next week. Just sayin’. 

Next up, post 3/4 - the night time.



The food was absolutely delicious every single night. And, as much as we also loved our hotel’s restaurant (Dasheene), our favorite was the restaurant across the street- Boucan. Located on the grounds of the cocoa growing Rabot Estate, everything on the menu uses cocoa as an ingredient. I’m talking white chocolate mashed potatoes, steak drizzled with chocolate sauce, bread with cocoa butter, and salads with white chocolate dressing, to name a few. De.lic.ous.

Oh, and those sunsets? My favorite.