Stitches and Stitches

worn on June 15th, 2011

stitches #1: I mentioned the other day that I’ve been sewing a lot again. Well this top is something I’ve been working on. Polka dots and ruffles = my dream shirt. I can’t decide whether I want to keep it for myself or put it up for sale in my etsy shop. Actually, I wanna try this design out in a few other fabrics I have. So maybe after a few design adjustments (the neckline is a little lower than I would like) and construction changes, you may see a few of these babies in the shop. 

stitches #2: If you follow me on twitter you might have seen this last night. But not too long after these photos were taken, I had a little accident. I was making dinner, and the sneaky little knife slipped while I was chopping onions. It hurt. Bad. Long story short - I ended up in the ER and now have 5 stitches in my little baby pinky finger. Not only did I hurt myself, but the freakin’ Bruins won the Stanley Cup :/ Lets just say… I’m not a fan. It was a bad night, obvs. 

top: made by me

bandeau, pants, and sandals: Urban Outfitters

rectangle bracelet: Fusing Colors

flower bracelet: Janet Rhodes - Cleveland, OH