Swiss Army Romance

December 11th, 2010

top: Dimri… via Second Time Around, cardigan: JCrew, jeans: Gap, belt: ?, flats: Irregular Choice

Worn For: Last night was such a good night you guys. We went and saw Dashboard Confessional in Boston. A.Mazing. It was the 10th anniversary tour of the Swiss Army Romance album, so it was just Chris and his guitar. The entire show. No band, just Chris.  Just how it used to be, and just how it should be. And I always love Dashboard shows because It is always a giant sing a long. Its so great. 

We got there early and were some of the first in line so we got right up front on the gate! Dashboard is the only show I will do this for. Anyone else I have no problem hanging out in the back. But for Chris, I always, and will always stand outside in the cold to be as close as possible. And close we were. At one point I turned to Boo and said ” We’re so close, I could reach out and….”, and Boo finished “strum his guitar.” Well, I was going to say something a little different, but we’ll stick with that. 

This is a beautiful man: