That Dress

You guys, there are no words that actually do this dress justice. I literally let out a little squeal when  I slipped it on. It's an ALLTHEHEARTEYES dress. 

Now if only I had a bunch of fancy parties to wear it to :/

Check out all of eShakti's dress selection here

dress: c/o eShakti

socks: Loft

booties :DSW

Baby Wearin'

Completely obsessed with this eShakti bomber jacket! I usually think of their customizable dresses when I think eShakti, but I branched out and found a real gem. 

And my baby looks pretty cute underneath it, too :)

jacket: c/o eShakti

jeans: Loft

socks: Loft

booties: DSW

glasses: c/o Francis Drake Eyewear

baby wrap: Solly Baby

baby's hat: c/o The Seam Designs

cute baby: made by me ;)

Cold Weather Floral


I have a handful of eShakti dresses in my closet, and they have never really disappointed me. This one was no exception! Well… kinda. When I ordered it, I took advantage of the customize option and added sleeves to this sleeveless dress to make it more cold-weather appropriate. but the sleeves ended up being a bit big and baggy. A simple fix with the sewing machine, though. So no biggy! I’m so in love with the colors, I can look past the sleeve mishap :)



dress: c/o eShakti

hat: IrisMint

glasses: Warby Parker

shirt: Urban Outfitters

heels: Seychelles // Buffalo Exchange



I own a few items from Eshakti now, and I am in love with their customization option! Having a good fitting dress made to fit your own measurements and specifications can make you feel really, really good. 

For realz. 

P.S - eShakti is offering HollyDolly readers a 20% discount from now until 3/10/13. Just use the discount code: HollyDolly



dress: c/o Eshakti

shirt: American Apparel

necklace: shopHollyDolly

boots: Express



When I received this dress in the mail from eShakti, I was immediately excited to put it on. And it didn’t disappoint! My only regret is that it is not warm enough to wear without a cardigan or jacket, and therefore the gorgeous embroidery detail gets covered up. C’est la vie. 

Anyway, have you heard of eShakti? They sell adorable dresses, skirts and tops that can be customized to your exact measurements, so you get the perfect fit. You can even customize the length, neckline and sleeve design. And all for very reasonable prices! This is my second eShakti dress (my first one was won in a giveaway), and I can honestly say that the custom fitting is definitely worth it. A good fit can make all the difference!




dress: c/o eShakti

cardigan: thirfted Simply Vera by Vera Wang

tights: Urban Outfitters

heels: Shoemint

Bad Days (And Pretty Dresses)


*Siiiiiiigh* You guys, Wednesday was just one of those days. 

I think I broke my camera lens. Or maybe my camera body, but I think just my lens. It took a nose dive from atop my tripod, and it hit the ground. Hard. Something is definitely wrong now. The photos are now a little hazy - not as sharp as normal. 

And it makes me cry. Well, that and the giant burn on my stomach from splattered bacon grease. That makes me cry, too. But, lets be honest, it’s mainly the messed up lens. 


Well, I have a fun new dress. So at least there’s that. 


Here’s to hoping for a better weekend. Happy friday, my friends!




dress: eShakti (won in a giveaway)

hair bow: shopHollyDolly

shoes: thrifted