Bad Days (And Pretty Dresses)


*Siiiiiiigh* You guys, Wednesday was just one of those days. 

I think I broke my camera lens. Or maybe my camera body, but I think just my lens. It took a nose dive from atop my tripod, and it hit the ground. Hard. Something is definitely wrong now. The photos are now a little hazy - not as sharp as normal. 

And it makes me cry. Well, that and the giant burn on my stomach from splattered bacon grease. That makes me cry, too. But, lets be honest, it’s mainly the messed up lens. 


Well, I have a fun new dress. So at least there’s that. 


Here’s to hoping for a better weekend. Happy friday, my friends!




dress: eShakti (won in a giveaway)

hair bow: shopHollyDolly

shoes: thrifted