Mommy and Me // matching dots


my dress: Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress, lengthened to maxi length

my shoes, Penny’s shoes, Penny’s dress : Old Navy

Both our jackets: H&M (mine is old, here is Penny’s)

Penny’s fanny pack: Target (girls, not toddler. I had to alter the waist strap. And I cut off the glittery bunny ears)

So this is not a new handmade mommy an me post. In fact, almost everything is RTW, except for my Darling Ranges maxi dress which I made years ago. You can see my past posts about it here and here. But Our matching polka dots were way too good to not share them here, too!


Black & White


You guys, I bought another polka dot top. 

I definitely have a problem. An addiction. I literally can’t help myself. Does anyone know if there is a support group out there for people like me? PDAA? That’s ‘polka dot addicts anonymous’, for those of you wondering. 


top: Jcrew, Buffalo Exchange

skirt: American Apparel

tote: c/o Haberdash Vintage

headband: Anthropologie

flats: Jeffrey Campbell, Buffalo Exchange

DIY Polka Dot Shorts


I’ve seen so many of these DIYs around the web lately. And I’m a polka dot addict, so I couldn’t resist. 

This one is pretty easy, folks. Here’s what you need:

- a pair of old or thrifted shorts

- ruler

- chalk or fabric pencil

- fabric paint

- small dabber or pencil eraser


First, mark where your polka dots will go. Starting at the corner, and using your fabric chalk or pencil, make small dots an inch apart. 


Then get to dabbing! I used a small foam dabber made for stenciling, but an eraser at the end of a pencil will work just as well. Lightly dab your dabber in your paint, making sure to get rid of an excess, and dab over your marks. That’s it! Depending on the colors you are working with, you may need to go over them again, once they are dry, if they are too sheer. 


You can see more of my final product in tomorrows outfit post.

Wedding Wednesday- Polka Dots

Its no secret that I love me some polka dots. And it’ll be a safe bet that I will be sneaking some in to my wedding. Probably just in some details though. Some ideas? well of course…..

Polka Dot Pom by PomLove

Flower girl dress by Liitle Pink Hanger

Straws by Cupcake Social

There is also this polka dot dress on Modcloth that would make an adorable bridesmaids dress, but the site seems to not be working for me right now. Maybe I’ll sneak it in later. 

EBEW: Polka Dots (and Leopard)

March 8th, 2011

blouse: thrifted, cardigan: Victoria’s Secret, skirt: handmade by me!, tights: Target, shoes: c/o Big Buddha

ebew polka dots: Who says you can’t wear polka dots and leopard print together? Not me, thats for sure. When I found out the next EBEW was polka dots, I knew it would be perfect projects for the two different polka dot fabrics I had bought. Problem is, I never got around to making the blouse, just the skirt. But thats ok - I love leopard and polka dots together too! I’m craaaaaaaazy like that, ya know.

Oh, and the shoes? they are the black versions of these oxfords sent to my by the wonderful people at Big Buddha. Love love love. 

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear