Well then, the end of 2014 kind of got away from me there, didn't it? Between a busy holiday schedule and an uninspired feeling towards winter dressing, blog posts have become scarce. And to top it all off, I'm now going into 2015 with a bad stomach bug (flu? hopefully not). So bear with me.

Speaking of the whole uninspired thing, I've always said I was more comfortable dressing for spring and summer weather. Winter is just not my jam. Layering is just not my jam. So in colder months, I tend to rely more on past outfits and repeat looks more than ever. You can see this outfit from last year here.

headband: c/o The Seam Designs

cape: vintage

gloves: Target

jeans: Urban Outfitters

booties: Shoemint


When the cooler months arrives, we all get so excited for our darker "fall" colors. But, you know what? Pastels and bright colors can still work just as well during the fall season! Especially those pastels. I've been really into light pink and purple lately, and love the idea of paring them with black and brown to make them feel more season appropriate and less spring-y.

glasses: Warby Parker

scarf: c/o The Seam Designs

sweater: Bebe // thrifted

dress: Buffalo Exchange

boots: DSW



Looking at this picture, I’m realizing I never pressed the hem of the skirt after I finished making it. Doh. I guess I was just anxious to be done with it, and all winter clothing for that matter. 

Speaking of which, I’m really really really hoping this will be the last I’ll see of my winter wardrobe. Tomorrow is the first day of spring (yay!), and I’m not going to have any normal blog outfit posts for the next week or two (more on that later). So heres to hoping that by the time I get back into routine, I’ll be dressing for spring and there will be hints of green around me outside. Isn’t all the brown, dead trees and grass depressing?

Fingers crossed. 




jacket: c/o Sheinside

scarf: c/o The Seam Designs

top: thrifted

skirt: handmade

booties: Target



I’m a little behind on outfit posts. I wore this, not this past weekend, but the weekend before. On our monthly trip to Worcester. I had my usual trip to Crompton Collective to update my shopHollyDolly case, we picked up some new air plants at Seed to Stem, and then we went ice skating and grabbed seem coco and hot dogs afterward. 

It was probably one of the best ice skating days we’ve ever had! We got there right as the rink was opening, so we practically had it to ourselves. More room for Boo to pull me around, and less people to see me struggle when I try to skate by myself :|. 




headband: c/o The Seam Designs

cape: vintage

gloves: Target

jeans: Urban Outfitters

booties: Shoemint