Looking at this picture, I’m realizing I never pressed the hem of the skirt after I finished making it. Doh. I guess I was just anxious to be done with it, and all winter clothing for that matter. 

Speaking of which, I’m really really really hoping this will be the last I’ll see of my winter wardrobe. Tomorrow is the first day of spring (yay!), and I’m not going to have any normal blog outfit posts for the next week or two (more on that later). So heres to hoping that by the time I get back into routine, I’ll be dressing for spring and there will be hints of green around me outside. Isn’t all the brown, dead trees and grass depressing?

Fingers crossed. 




jacket: c/o Sheinside

scarf: c/o The Seam Designs

top: thrifted

skirt: handmade

booties: Target