Team Coco


Let me tell you about my morning routine…..

» I wake up, and cuddle with Henry for a bit. 

» I get up and make some breakfast and/or coffee. 

» I take said breakfast, and go and get all comfy on the couch. Blanket, more Henry cuddles, the works. 

» I turn on the previous night’s episode of Conan. 

» I eat, check emails, and schedule the days blog and social media posts while laughing at Conan in the background. 

And then my day goes on - bla bla bla. But I always start my day with a little Coco. I remember staying up late at night in High School to watch him on Late Night. That’s when I made my first Conan tee, which I eventually grew out of. So Boo helped me make this gem of a shirt a few years ago. I’m still wearing it, and I’m still watching him, religiously, today. Love, love, love me some Coco. True story.


cardigan: C&C California

tee: DIY-ed a few years ago

skirt: LOFT (c/o gift card)

belt: Anthropologie

shoes: c/o Big Buddha