The Forgotten Iced Coffee

Worn on March 18th, 2011

Friday was such a gorgeous day. Incredibly windy, but gorgeous nonetheless. I though putting my hair up in a top knot would be enough to keep my hair from blowing all over the place in the wind. But even with hairspray all those loose, fuzzy hairs were everywhere i these photos! Oh well, I don’t care. Because I’m wearing a skirt and no tights. That is insane.

So, I had a bunch of errands to run, and ended up running into Buffalo Exchange. I scored a gorgeous Marc Jacobs top, which I’m pretty proud of. And you know what, I left my new, full iced white mocha sitting on the shelf while shopping. And then never picked it back up. I’m just now realizing this - more than 24 hours later. I’m brilliant. 

dress (worn as top): Diane von Furstenberg

skirt: Anthropologie

shoes: Blowfish