Theres A Place I know In Ontario....


worn on August 11th, 2011

"…. where the sea lions kiss, so the story goes. Its amazing shows and friendship cove. Everyone looooooves Marineland!" I wish we would’ve had time to go to Marineland. I always have that song stuck in my head!

Well we didn’t get to go kiss any belugas, but we spend the day near the Falls and Clifton Hill area. This isn’t an outfit I would normally blog, but we were in front of Niagara Falls so of course I had to take a few photos. I’m usually pretty good at packing. But not so much this time. Instead of packing in outfits like I usually do, it seems I packed just random items. And I didn’t even pack any jeans. These are actually my “back up” jeans that I keep there. So yeah, I was pretty bored with my options. 

But that is neither her nor there, because the day was definitely not boring. We played mini golf, laser tag, had ice cream, and played some arcade games. It was a gorgeous day. I love Niagara Falls!

IMG_9326 IMG_9386 IMG_9363

sweater: Anthropologie

jeans: unknown

sunglasses: H&M

headband: just a piece of scrap fabric

sandals: Urban Outfitters

bag: THEIT