Top Knot Drama


worn on November 17th, 2011

So, I’ve rocked the top knot quiet a few times now. And I’ve never felt weird wearing my hair this way - until I was editing these photos. Something seemed awkward about it. Is it too tall? Did I go a little excessive with my top know height? Or is it all in my head? How tall is too tall?

But other than that, I reaaaaally love this outfit. It was a happy accident, really. I never thought to pair these two tops together….. until I did. Obvs. And now I know that they were meant to be. 

P.s- As this is being posted, Boo and I are headed back to Buffalo for the week. It doesn’t matter how many times we make this trip, I will never completely get used to these 8 hour car rides. My bum already hurts. 

IMG_8989 IMG_8979 IMG_9013 IMG_8894

sweater: H&M; Buffalo Exchange

shirt: Lauren Ralph Lauren; thrifted

pants: Gap

shoes: Old Navy

bag: THEIT