Tough and Girly


I’ve been wanting a faux leather jacket for a while now. But I worried about how it would actually fit in with my style and wardrobe, so I was a little resistant about putting up the money for one. So when Sheinside contacted me about reviewing a product from their site, I knew it was now or never to give the leather jacket thing a shot. 

And you know what? I kind of love it. I tried to keep the rest of the outfit kind of soft and girly to compensate for the… toughness of the jacket. Tough biker chick isn’t really my style. 

I don’t think. 

But I do think I can easily work it into my wardrobe, and that it may easily become a staple.

P.S- I also thrifted a leather pencil skirt recently. I may need a little more time before I give  that one a real try, though. Baby steps, people. 


dress: thrifted

jacket: c/o SheInside

hair bow: shopHollyDolly (available now!)

bracelet: Jewelmint, use code bos990 for 50% off your first month, c/o the Boston MBA Team

heels: Nine West