worn on November 21st, 2011

This is what I wore for our eight hour drive home last monday. Oversized tee and stretch pants for comfort, and many many layers…. because I ran out of room in our suitcase. Ha. 

These photos were actually taken after the eight hours in the car, once we got home. So I’m surprised theres no coffee stains or what not all over my shirt. Usually, with multiple coffee stops and eating our breakfast and lunch on the go, I tend to get my food and drink all over me in the process. So I’m pretty proud of myself. You know, for not being a slob :)

IMG_9403 IMG_9427 IMG_9437 IMG_9302_2

tee: Modcloth

henley: American Apparel (stolen from Boo)

shirt: Old Navy

pants: Gap

belt: Gap

purse: Macy’s

boots: Forever21