Warm Weather and Creepers

worn on April 11th, 2011

You guys, it hit 70 degrees today- 70 degrees! I spent a lot of time outside… walking around the square, getting some Starboo (thats Boo talk for Starbucks), and making some money at Buffalo Exchange after cleaning out my closet. And then the rest of my afternoon was spent relaxing on our porch on our new patio set with my ipad. 

Thats where things got weird. 

I take a lot of pictures in semi-public places. But who would’ve thought the creepiest creepers would come around when I’m taking pictures on my own porch. Stopping to ask me what I’m taking pictures of, what kind of pictures I take of myself, how he can find my site, etc. Creeper. 

top: thrifted Michael Kors

tank: Urban Outfitters

shorts: J.Crew

wedges: Forever21