I have a small washi tape obsession. And a big jar full of tape rolls to prove it. 

Not only do I use it a lot in packaging and gift wrapping, but I’ve fallen in love with using it throughout our apartment. Seriously, it makes for the best makeover for just about anything! I originally showed you in our bedroom tour how it instantly transformed our old and tired white dresser with some bold black stripes. But I thought I would share with you today a few other spots I’ve used it throughout my sewing room. 

One of the very fist things I did in my sewing room when we moved in a year and a half ago was block out an “inspiration board” with my orange tape. I loved the alternative to hanging something like a cork board. And then I use the tape as well to hang everything within my board. No crazy holes in wall! Yay!

I also added some random, alternating stripes to the door, and outlined the outer edge of my white sewing table for a pop of color (not pictured). And the best part about these makeovers? If I decide I don’t like it anymore, I can just peel the tape off without any damage to the walls or furniture. No commitment required :)






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giraffe print - Sadly Harmless

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