Weekend Wear: At The Fair


worn on October 1st, 2011

Eeeeee! Fair time! Back home, our local county fair is in August, so I am used to it being a summertime thing. But I actually loved it this time of year! The pumpkins, corn on the cob, and warm cider. Mmmmmmm, so good. 

I begged Boo to take me, but it was looking like rain all weekend. We took the risk and went anyway, and I’m so happy we got to go!

fair IMG_4298 IMG_4242 IMG_4280

jacket: H&M

neon tank: H&M

striped tank: gift

pants: Gap

bow pin: garage sale

necklace: via Bobbles and Lace

bag: c/o Handbag Heaven

shoes: vintage