What I Wore To Swap Day

worn on July 30th, 2011

Saturday, the Swapaholics hosted Swap Uncapped, and my very first swap! I did score a few fun items - including  cashmere sweater and a pretty granny floral skirt that will be adorbs once I hem it. But the best part of the day was meeting all the wonderful bloggers in the Boston area- including Amy and Jen! I made new friends, got to meet and talk to Jessica, and scored some fabulous new items. Although, I was a bad little blogger and forgot to take photos of the event. Except for the one below, of course. 

And I’ll be debuting my acquired items soon, once I get around to altering.

tank: Delias (gift)

skirt: Anthropologie

necklace: made by me. being added to the shop later this week.

sandals: Urban Outfitters

My decision not to wear heels made me feel incredibly short next to these ladies. But it was so nice to meet Jessica and the rest of the girls!