Whats My Size Again?


Yep, these leggings are back already :)

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m wearing a child’s sized top. When I picked it out of the bin at the thrift store, I first thought it was a women’s top. But then I tried it on, and now I’m convinced that it is actually a little girls dress. I also found the most adorable polka dot sweater in a 4T. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, that one I couldn’t fit into. Dang. I thought I had just found a whole new way of shopping.

P.S- you have until midnight tonight to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow.

IMG_9931 IMG_9918 IMG_9951

shirt: Old Navy; thrifted

skirt: American Apparel

belt and leggings: H&M

clutch: Coach

bracelets: INpink

booties: Target