If you follow me on Instagram, this will be old news for you. But I realized I never made any acknowledgment to it here on the blog. So, TA-DA, I'm growing a baby!

I'm currently 24 weeks along and due towards the end of May. Oh yeah, and it's a girl! The first few months were rough. Real rough. Hence the absence from this here blog/social media/life. The all day sickness was no joke. I actually had Hyperemis Gravidarum, and don't wish it on anyone. BUT, all that is past now, and I've been feeling so much better. I have a really hard time sleeping through the night, every night, but I'll take that over the sickness any day. 

We're just moving right along, preparing for baby's arrival. She's looking good, sounding good, and providing us with all normal test results. And in the meantime, the little super-human ninja warrior is moving around A LOT. And kicking me. A lot. 

It might be the chocolate. Baby girl really likes chocolate. 

dress: Lou & Grey

jacket: Loft

necklace: shopHollyDolly

booties: DSW

Review : Francis Drake Eyewear

( from top to bottom: Marin, Valencia, Montclair, Merrit, Berkeley )

Hey everyone! Long time, no see! 

You all know how much of a glasses girl I am. I have a small collection of frames, and they are my most important accessory. Well, A few months back, I received the opportunity to review a new-to-me eyewear company. Francis Drake Eyewear is a premium and healthy, yet affordable, brand manufactured in Italy. And they are now added to my favorites list.

Obviously, the very best thing is the price. Affordable, but not cheap and flimsy. Every frame that I tried were sturdy and of good quality. And they are pretty much the same price as Warby Parker and Bonlook frames. They also offer a home try-on just like the other brands, too. The difference though, between Francis Drake and the others, is the attention to detail. My two favorite frames were Montclair and Merrit, both which sport delicate sculpted sides (see last photo). Seriously sets them apart! 

So which pair did I pick? Montclair in Champagne (top left)! Check back tomorrow for my first outfit post sporting my new frames. 

 --- Home try-on and prescription frames were provided to me by Francis Drake Eyewear, but all opinions are my own. ---


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about the grand opening of Primark in Boston. It's the first U.S. store for the European retailer, and they went big for this one! The store is spread out on four levels. FOUR. And it houses women's clothing, accessories, shoes, and lingerie, as well as mens, kinds, and a home section.  My favorite was the large outerwear section. Oooooh it was so good. 

Never heard of Primark? Think H&M, but even better prices. Yeah - our shopping dreams have come true. And If you are going to go check it out in Downtown Crossing, make sure you leave yourself a couple of hours to explore, because you'll need it.