A Little Comparison

I’m sure not many people will care about this. But I think its funny. Because its me, and glee. And I love glee. 

But I’ve realized that mine and Rachel Berry’s wardrobes must look awfully similar. And sunday night’s episode proved it. For example, first I saw this:

I wore this H&M dress in this post.

And then a few scenes later…..

I wore the H&M giraffe sweater in this post.

Even better, when I was googling, trying to find these pictures, I came across these two different sites. It seems some people have beat me to the punch. What? Am I really the only crazy style blogger out there to wear this giraffe sweater? Weird. 

Again, I’m probably the only person who finds this slightly amusing. But I should be some sort of double for Lea Michele. They wouldn’t even have to provide the wardrobe. I could just come dressed and ready.