Day 9 - Here Comes The Sun

February 9th, 2011

tee: Delias, skirt: Anthropologie, socks: Express, wedges: Madden Girl, hat: Forever21, coat: DKNY

30 for 30 remix, day 9: Today was very deceiving. The sun was shining bright and it looked so gorgeous outside. But when I stepped out for photos, it was a lot colder than it had been the last few days. Brrrrr. The things we style bloggers will do. 

I can’t believe so many of bloggers out there are in NYC now for fashion week. I’m so jealous. But while everyone else is heading to New York, I’ll be heading to Orlando. Which is pretty cool too. I’m trading in fashion for warmer weather and Harry Potter World. Sounds good to me! So I’m going to get back to finishing some projects up and working on my packing. It takes me weeks to pack. I’m constantly evaluating and adjusting what I’m taking right until the last night. siiiigh.