Story Of Some Lacey Shorts


I was really worried when I first ordered these shorts online about a month and a half ago. I worried that they would be too short, and too tight, and I would feel too uncomfortable in them to wear in public. 

But it has been the exact opposite of that. 

I have been living in them. I took them along on the honeymoon, and I wore them every other day. Literally. As a beach cover up, on the botanical gardens visit, and wherever else I could.  And I still can’t stop wearing them. Maybe it’s because they feel like I’m wearing pajamas, except they are really pretty. I mean, I do enjoy wearing my pajamas, and I do like pretty things. It’s a match made in heaven. 



tank: Marc by Marc Jacobs, thrifted

collar: handmade, similar coming to shopHollyDolly soon!

shorts: Forever21

flats: Marc by Marc Jacobs