Black & Blue


worn on December 5th, 2011

There are a handful of shows and movies that, if on TV, I HAVE to watch them. Like Armageddon and Titanic. I guarantee you - if I come across either of those movies in the guide, I won’t bother looking any farther. They suck me in.

Lately, its been Storage Wars. I.Can’t.Look.Away.ย And there seems to be a marathon on as I’mย typing this. So I guess the rest of my day is shot, ha.ย 

IMG_0898 IMG_0788 Untitled-1 IMG_0833 IMG_0707

sweater: swapped

shirt: BCGB

pants: Gap

headband: Anthropologie

necklace: Bobbles and Lace

bag: THEIT

shoes: Blowfish Shoes