DIY: Holiday Spirit



holiday fabrics

trims and notions

commerical patterns or pencil and pattern paper

needle, thread, scissors, etc

IMG_0931 three2

There were two holiday decorations that I knew I wanted to make this year: a tree skirt and our stockings. And with some 50% off fabric from Joanns, I did just that! I wish I could provide you guys with more of a detailed DIY. But to be honest, I kind of winged them both. I free handed some patterns without really measuring (which I wouldn’t really recommend, I just got lucky), and just worked by trial and error.

I’m super happy with the way they turned out. Especially the tree skirt - how cute is it with the little pom trim?! 

**UPDATE** I may have been lazy, but Megan Nielsen just posted a super detailed (and SUPER adorable) stocking tutorial. See it here

Picture 3 IMG_0973

Have you done any fun holiday DIYs? Please share!