Day 13- Another One Bites The Dust



November 21st, 2010

tank: Anthropologie, shirt: Forever 21, Cardigan: C&C California, jeans: Gap, boots: Frye

30 for 30 remix- day 13: Today was just a weird day for photos. I tried 3 different spots, tried playing with settings, but I was just not happy with any of them. Eh, just one of those moods. 

We’re not doing much today. It’s Sunday - it’s lazy day. I’ve never layered this shirt like this, with a sweater over top. But its really warm and comfy. I might put my pajama pants back on with it (shhh, I didn’t say that) and I’ll be good for lounging the rest of the day. It’s a sewing, fajitas, and Dexter kind of night. 

P.S - it feels so much farther into the 30 days than it actually is. We’re only about half way through? Man alive.