Favorites This Week

I’ve been trying to keep up with all my favorite bloggers, and check out as many new friends as i can from Kendi’s remix list. Heres a few of my favorite outfits that I saw this week:


The Daybook, day 7

-Sydney is adorable. Her posts always make me laugh. And I want this vest in the worst way.

Closet Confection, day 12

-Kendra, a fellow Tumblr-er, always pops up in my dashboard and I love to see her outfits. She always looks so put together and polished. Love the grey and gold together here!


Jen Loves Kev, day 7

-Jen talked about this outfit mismatching. I LOVE it. I wouldn’t have even thought about it mismatching at all! I guess I just like mismatched things. I would wear it in a heartbeat. Such fun, bright colors, and some polka dots to top it all off!

What Would a Nerd Wear, day 11

-I have a thing for color. And by looking at this post, It looks like this week its purple. Or at least purple tights. Tania from What Would a Nerd Wear pulls it off so well. I love how the scarf completely transforms the outfit, and it is like having a whole new dress. 


Simply Sunstar, day 7

-I discovered Heather over at Simply Sunstar through Kendi’s remix list (I’m trying to check out as many as I can!). This.is.adorable. That hat? Adorable. Those tights? adorable. Everything together? Adorable. This is definitely something I would wear. 

Kendi Everyday, day 7

-And lastly we have Kendi. We all know Kendi. We all know how cute she is, I don’t have to tell you. She actually was not happy with this post. She didn’t like her hair, she thought her shirt was sloppy, etc. But I absolutely love it. All I see is one of the cutest outfits ever. Easy and simple, yet so chic at the same time. And the color of those tights? To die for.