Day 2 - Surprise!

February 2nd, 2011

tee: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Anthropologie, scarf: NYC street vendor, tights: Express, pin: Vintage (my mommy’s), boots: Vince Camuto

30 for 30 remix, day 2: Oh, snow. You really need to stop now. I think we have plenty of you. We are kinda running out of places to put you. BUT, at least Boo had a snow day today - so I had a photographer. Yaaaay. 

SO….. guess what?! We just found out that in two weeks we will be going to Orlando for a week! Yes, in the middle of the winter I will be heading to Florida. Fortunately, a good number of my items can eaaaasily work for warmer weather (thank you, me, for picking shorts as part of a winter remix). The only switch-er-roo I’m making is in the shoes. I’m going to forget the oxfords:

and add a pair of sandals:

So yeah, this remix just became a wee bit harder. But hey, challenge accepted. A little weather change can’t scare me! Harry Potter World, here I come…..