Day 3 - Dots + Stripes and Black + White

January 3rd, 2011

tee: Urban Outfitters, cardigan and tights: Express, skirt: American Apparel, boots: Forever21

30 for 30 remix, day 3: I really miss taking pretty outdoor shots. The snow and rain have stopped, but it is still too icy for me to walk very far with my tripod. Ice + me = not a very good combination. I’m clumsy enough as it is. 

I was originally going to go all black and white with this outfit. But I figured it wouldn’t be very me without some color. So I’m glad I did it. I’ve also been crazy for polka dots lately. I’ve been eyeing a certain polka dot skirt (for after the  30 for 30, of course), and on my last trip to the fabric store I purchased 2 different polka dot fabrics. I seriously can’t get enough of it right now. And yes, I am wearing the same socks as yesterday. I mean, they were over tights both days, so its not that gross….  right?