Day 28 - Change Is A Coming



December 6th, 2010

coat and hat: U.O, dress: H&M, shirt: Forever21, socks: Anthropologie, boots: Miu Miu

30 for 30 remix- day 28: Unfortunately, this is the only use I will be getting out of this little birdy dress. Its sad, really. It has so much more potential. But I think I thought of it as my “dressy” piece out of all my items, so I was saving it for when I would need it. And then that day never came. So I never thought to consider dressing it down and making it more casual. Oh well, now I know. 

I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog. I don’t really like what it is now. When I firs created it, I didn’t know what to do so I just slapped it on there. I call my Etsy Shop ‘HollyDoll’, and I think I want to play off that. Ya know, make it more uniform. And eventually I want to get around to changing some of the look of the blog as well. Eventually. 

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