Day 30 - Yeah Thats Right, 30


December 7th, 2010

sweatshirt: vintage (ebay), pants: Gap, scarf: Anthropologie, socks: U.O, flats: Chanel

30 for 30 remix- day 30: So, going through my photos for my remix round-up, I realized something. On day 18 I documented 2 different outfits to make up for a missed day, but never counted it. So actually, this post is my 30th outfit. I’ll prove it to you in the round up tomorrow. My bad. I didn’t intend for my last outfit to be all Sabre-ized. I expected it to be more glamourous. But I was caught off guard and didn’t realize I was wearing the last outfit. But hey, It is actually pretty fitting. The Buffalo Sabres basically rule my life. 

I only posted the first photo to prove that I was wearing a 30 item on top. I actually wore my jersey over top all day and then to the game at night. I should probably point out that the game was in Boston, not at home in Buffalo.  A little much? not possible. 

Oh, and we lost. Boo.