DVF Makes Me Happy

January 22nd, 2011

sweater and yellow tights: Urban Outfitters, black tights: ?, skirt: Diane von Furstenberg, scarf: Target, shoes: Steve Madden

Worn For: Boo and I didn’t do friday date night this week, so we decided to go into the city saturday for a movie (No Strings Attached - hilarious) and dinner. 

There is a good story behind this skirt. Well, at least, it makes me happy. In the summer of 2008 I did a design internship at the Diane von Fursteberg studio in NYC. On my very first day there was a DVF sample sale going on. MY boss told me and the other intern to go ahead and take a long lunch and go shop the sample sale. “And oh, don’t forget to tell them you are an intern here.” What we realized when we got there, is that, not only is everything already way cheaper because it is a sample sale, but employees got an even cheaper deal - any item for $25. Thats right, no matter what the item was, it was $25. I.was.in.heaven. I mean, my first day of work and I was out shopping and getting the employee discount. Sweet. 

So, this DVF skirt - $25. Yeah. I’ve worn some of the other things I got that day on this blog, I just never thought to mention that story. But that was a good day.