Everybody, Everywear: Breton Stripes

January 25th, 2011

cardigan: Forever21, tank: Delias, skirt: Tulle via Modcloth, belt: Anthropologie, tights: Urban Outfitters, boots: Vince Camuto

Worn For: Sewing and crafting day! And a few errands.

When I heard Everybody, Everywear's next piece was breton stripes, I actually had another top in mind. But this is one of the outfits I really wanted to get in before the 30 for 30 started. So, why not! Both top pieces were actually a gift from my friend Ashlee. She gave them to me as seen on me. Not separate. But as and outfit. Which I thoght was adorable, so I had to wear them together.

Now, I’m off to get started on some projects! More shop/crafting updates coming later….