Last week, Sweet Cupcakes hosted a small group of Boston Bloggers at their Newbury St. location for a little get together. It involved tasting a bunch of delicious cupcakes, coffee, and hearing all about how Sweet got started. All in an adorable little storefront decorated in a pretty soft pink and white. Seriously, it was like eating cupcakes inside of a cupcake. But anyway, I loved hearing that each day’s batch of cupcakes are made fresh that morning. You won’t get any stale cupcakes here! (Don’t worry, any left overs are donated). But that’s not even the best part. You guys, they deliver. If you live in Boston or Cambridge, you can get cupcakes delivered right to your door. Even same day. I think I’m in love. 

We got to taste their Guinness flavor cupcake, for St. Patrick’s Day, of course. But I actually looooved their carrot cake flavor. And I usually don’t even like carrot cake. Seriously, you should try it. Next time, I must try the bananas foster!

Thanks to Sweet, and to Allison and Kate for hosting such a fun little event!