Neon Chain Necklace DIY

Its DIY wednesday! Here we goooooo…….

Heres what to do:

1. Plan out the layout and look you want for your necklace and cut the chains. 

2. Using the masking tape, block off where you want to paint the first color. Make sure the tape is nice and tight around the ends so no paint sneaks in there!

3. Follow the directions on your spray paint can and coat your first section. Make sure you get all sides, letting it dry in between. It may take a few coats.

4. When your first section is completely dry, remove the tape. Repeat the taping process to block off your next sections. Be careful though. I found that taping my already painted orange section peeled the paint off. So instead I carefully wrapped that section nice and tight with a paper towel, and then covered the other ends with the masking tape.

Spray paint your second color. Doing exactly what you did for the first color. 

5. When your second color is completely dry, remove the tape and assemble your necklace!

Tadaaaaaa! I can’t wait to wear this baby :)