Repeat Offender : Bow Scarf


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I’ve been wearing my hair in a side pony a lot lately. I seem to be in a tiff with my hair as of recent. Its long, Its everywhere, and it gets annoying. Especially when it wraps around my neck and I start to panic. Fun. But I promised Boo I wouldn’t cut it until after the wedding. And to be honest, as much as its bothering lately, the thought of cutting it also scares me. So for now, as boring as it might get, a pony or braid is the easiest way to get it out of my way until I come up with a different solution.

IMG_1896 IMG_1905 IMG_1913 IMG_1862


tee: Gap

scarf: H&M

jeans: BCBGeneration

rings: gifts

flats: Chanel