Welcome to the new and improved HollyDolly!

If you are a Bloglovin' follower, you may have noticed that my posts haven't been showing up in your blog feed for over a month now. You can blame Tumblr for that. But really, it was just the final push I needed after toying with the idea of making the jump for a while now. So here we are on Squarespace, and I love it! You should now get your regularly scheduled HollyDolly posts in your Bloglovin' feed once again. 

As far as the new site, I kept the design relatively similar to the old layout because I really like the simplicity. But you can check out the new about meetsy, and shop stockiest pages! Another neat thing about being on Squarespace is that you'll (eventually) be able to shop some shopHollydolly items right here from this site! Coming soon, I promise. 

Another big change is that I created a new domain name. HollyDolly can now be found at Don't worry, will still re-direct here. But please make sure you update any blog feeds or links. I'm also in the process of migrating all of the old DISQUS comments over for each post. But that may take a while. 

I think that's it for now! I'm really excited about the switch, and I hope you like it too! Let me know if anything looks funky or is not working.  And just in case, here's all the posts that you may have missed while I was MIA from Bloglovin. Make sure and click through to check out everything I've been up to in the last month.......

I wore some clothes:

  • I shared some recent Etsy favorites
  • I traveled to Saratoga with a group of my fellow Boston Bloggers and even won a little money!
  • I showed you some of my snapshots from a Boston Harbor sunset cruise
  • Also some from one of many summer beach days!
  • Ah yes, and also some from our day trip out to George's Island - one of the Boston Harbor Islands
  • I was featured over at Bostinno, where I answered some questions about style and shared with you a peek inside my closet

Oh yeah, and I wore some more clothes:



» Lately, I’ve really been loving blogs with clean, simple, greyscale layouts. So on a whim late last night, I gave the ole blog here a little makeover. The layout is still the same, only cosmetic changes have been made. And hey, I tend to change my mind a lot, so who knows - I may be back to color by spring. But for now I thought I would give this a go. (And I updated the shop to match!)

» I also switched over to Passionfruit for sponsorships. You can now view all advertising information, and apply for a spot, right from my sponsor page on the left hand sidebar!

» A couple of gorgeous Etsy treasuries that have featured shopHollyDolly - morning colors and looking for yes

» Speaking of Etsy treasuries, I’ve recently started making some myself again! You can view all of my lists here. 

» Wishlist wants : this kimono, this jacket, this dress,  and these flats

» Want an instant home makeover, but don’t want to commit? Washi tape. My dresser looks brand new. 

» Are you on Instagram? Follow along! My username is : hollyjollydolly


Shop & Blog Update

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your Easter weekend?

Lets start this week off with an Etsy shop update! I’ve added a few new items to shopHollyDolly over the weekend. I have a couple of detachable collars restocked, including a new black and white mini dot one. Also, check out my newest item - leather bow hair clips. I have 4 sets in stock right now, but I’m kind of obsessed with these little guys, so expect more soon. 

I also have a lithe update for this here blog as well. I finally got a custom domain! You can now find me at: will still get you here, so no worries. But for those of you who would like to update your blogroll, etc. - do it now!

Hope you all have a fantastic day :)

A Few Things

Just a little update on whats going on with this little bloggy here, as well as my etsy shop. 


First off, I wanted to streamline my blog and shop a little bit. I realized it could be a little weird and confusing that my blog was called HollyDolly, and my shop was just HollyDoll. I honestly don’t know why I ever even went with two different names in the first place. 

So I’ve taken the step and changed my shop name to HollyDolly (or shopHollyDolly) to match the blog.  I’ve also changed to URL to But no worries, the old URL will redirect. 


Well, I finally did it. I gave in and made a Facebook page for HollyDolly. You should head on over and hit the ‘like’ button. No really, you should :)


Next order of business: sponsors. 

Another step I’ve decided to take is to start accepting sponsors for the blog. A year and a half after my first post, this little baby of mine is growing. Slowly, but surely. I feel, as the new year approaches, it is the right time to bring this is in. 

So, as of this moment I am accepting sponsors for January 2012. If you are interested in sponsoring HollyDolly, shoot me an email at and I can provide you with all of the information. I am offering very reasonable prices, and I would love to work with you!


Lastly, don’t forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway! You have until Monday at 9pm EST to enter. So go now!